Strategic Asset Management

Strategic Asset Management extends to a deep understanding of business and asset management strategy harmonisation, with ultimate outcomes mapped to societal, economic and environmental benefits. We are aligned to global asset management standards, and guidelines, including GFMAM, IAM Conceptual models, and the latest Maturity Assessment guidelines, to enable the assessment, analysis, and development of strategic asset management plans (SAMPs), asset management plans (AMPs), and associated improvement programs, to elevate your asset management practice to the next level.


We have a history of significant involvement and leadership roles in the delivery of global benchmarking programs, such as the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) AM Benchmarking programs, since 2008, including the 2008, 2012 and 2020 WSAA Asset Management and Customer Value Programs, involving 60+ utilities around the globe. Our capability in asset management benchmarking is enhanced through our deep sector expertise and comprehension of the lnstitute of Asset Management (IAM) Conceptual AM Model, the Global Forum in Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM) & ISO55000 guidelines & principles.

Capacity Building

We are qualified, competent, and experienced in the design and delivery of capacity-building programs, and strategic forum facilitations, helping businesses leverage more out of their investments, and resources, and inspire better decision-making and culture across the organisational spectrum.

Among many other benefits, our programs help:

  • Build capacity, and in turn, help in-source program delivery over the medium to longer- term
  • Enhance asset management value proposition & benefits realisation, across the business
  • Recognize & introduce more career pathways for staff retention

Digital Transformation & AMIS

We have significant experience in planning, designing, reviewing and development of programs, which help:

  • Facilitate the assessment of ‘Digital Maturity’
  • Energise change transition to ‘Digital Systems’
  • Integration of Asset Management Information Systems (AMIS) components under a unified business model
  • Solidify/Develop AMIS Roadmap- at an enterprise level, along with a range of improvements to other relevant challenges

ISO Certification Readiness Assurance

Our established ISO Certification Readiness Assurance (ICRA) model facilitates:

  • Utilisation of quantitative and or semi-quantitative approaches to verify ISO55001 compliance, prior to formal certification process and audits
  • Pre-audit planning, and management reporting, to highlight required investments for identified improvements / gap closures
  • Visibility & line of sight beyond ISO Certification
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